“Spotlight On”: Introducing our New Biweekly Post

“Spotlight On”: Introducing our New Biweekly Post

Introducing: “Spotlight On”: Our biweekly post where we feature some of our favorite services and products that we want everyone else to get excited about!

This week, our Spotlight is on Rejuvapen micro-needling system


What it is:  We’ve talked a lot about it this month, mainly because we are so excited about the results it provides, with such minimal downtime. I just had one this morning!

First, just to clear any confusion when you hear the word ‘needling’, here’s what the technique is NOT:

  • It is NOT an injection
  • It is NOT a piercing
  • It is NOT a DIY procedure

Micro-needling is a more sophisticated version of the Dermaroller. A cluster of micro-fine needles is used in both, but unlike the Dermaroller, the technician is able to vary the depth of the punctures specific to the client’s needs. These punctures cause the skin to create a controlled injury, which creates a channel that triggers the body to fill these microscopic wounds by producing new collagen and elastin. The result is smoother skin, reduction in scars, and smaller pores.  Active ingredients are also able to penetrate exactly to the dermis where they can immediately get to work.

Why We Love it: Micro-needling is a wonderful alternative to laser treatments for the face, but without the side-effects and precautions. There is no sun-sensitivity or necessity to avoid sun, and very minimal downtime.

The greatest challenge when dealing with plumping, refining and smoothing the skin is getting to the dermis. Topical medications can only penetrate to the top layer of the epidermis. Enter micro-needling! Specialized products used in conjuction with the treatment can be tailored for the client’s needs. For example, if you want a firmer, smoother face and neck, vitamin A and C are efficacious; a minimum of 4 Rejuvapen sessions are suggested.  Depending on their severity, acne scars usually respond well to vitamin A (retinols) and may take multiple procedures over many months to see dramatic results.

Micro-needling can also be used as an easy complexion pick-me-up. Combined with antioxidants and hyaluronic acid, the treatment can deliver instant plumping, making it a great treatment to do several days before an event.  HOWEVER, It’s not uncommon that after the first few treatments at least, your skin will be slightly red and may feel sunburnt. This goes away in a few days, and can easily be covered up by makeup.

Read more on our site, and remember– the Summer Rejuvenation Special is still on for the rest of the month!

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